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Brutally sincere” (Rag Talent), Amykita dives us into a dreamlike universe, made of delicate melancholy and deep sensitivity.


Halfway between pop and folk, she seeks for an authentic expression in her creative process where lyrics are born first, an approach which she describes as autobiographical and narrative. Each track was composed and recorded when she was alone at home, experienced in the emotional intensity of the moment.


Amykita's EP "Golden Days" is the first part of a trilogy in which she will retrace the three phases of her breakup with authenticity and vulnerability: depression, anger and honor. Phases in which anyone can relate to.


« Love tragedies have painted my artistic world. »


She is influenced by the melancholy of Lykke Li and the sorrow of Lana del Rey, the creative process of Maggie Rogers, the vulnerability of Damien Rice, but also by Woodkid’s orchestral sounds.

Amy Nikita - a.k.a Amykita - was born in the UK to British parents who settled in France when she was very young.


Her mother, who loved listening to pop music on the radio, encouraged her to sing at the top of her voice in the car on the way to school. Her father is also a great music lover, into British pop-rock and world music, live music, singing and percussions.


She has lived in Rennes, Angers, Nice and currently lives in Montpellier. She is preparing to go travelling around the world, to share her music and to learn more about the links between art and therapy, firmly believing that art can change a life.


Self-taught, she started strumming the guitar at the age of 15. She started playing the piano at 22, before diving into self-production.


While English is her preferred language to sing, she chooses « spoken words » to express her feelings in French, and her music-writing process is slightly different.


When playing live, she sings accompanied by her guitar, and intends to surround herself with other musicians to accompany her in order to find the sound atmospheres of her studio creations.


“Amykita has an ultra soulful vocal approach with soft keys, distant beats and haunting backing vocals." (Rag Talent)

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